Diana Wolan

The founder of Coffee with English. 

  • As a professional journalist I was wondering how to combine my English skills with public relations. You know, living in Ireland for over 10 years transferred me to somebody self-confident. Someone who wants to share a good vibe with others. And here we are! I decided to create a special place where you can follow my steps. I would like to invite you to join in and start learning English with me! We can make a good team ;)
  • Spending nearly 5 years with my kids showed me how isolated one can be at some stage. It is not easy to deal with everyday situations when you're struggling  with your language. How to deal with all those hospital appointments, birth certificates, new social payments, school enrollments and so on? English is just essential nowadays!
  • And then I realized: there are so many others like me who can feel a bit lonely abroad. You know, it is not so easy when all of your relatives and friends are fare away. Especially now when travelling is consider as nonessential...
  • I must say I was lucky to learn English at school. But from the other hand my husband had no opportunity to study this language. He came to Ireland knowing just a few basic words. This made him work under his qualifications. Does it sound any familiar? And what's the story with shift work? How to join any sort of any regular English course? Well, now YOU CAN study with a bit of my help. I do organize flexible courses especially for you! All you need to do is to join Coffee with English club. Prices start from as little as €10 per week. What are you waiting for?I would love to hear from you!!!
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About me

I was born in 1983 in Poland but for over 10 years I've been living in Ireland. I am married with 2 the most adorable kids!  I love to play with fondant to create unique cakes. Interior design and healthy life style are also one of my pet projects ;)


June 2021

CEO in Coffee with English

Online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students (individual or group ones). My motto is: You're never too old to start some new things ;) 

April 2018 to SEPTEMBER 2019
POLKA - The Charity Organization for Migrant Women / Balbriggan, co. Dublin


I played an instrumental role in creative planning and review sessions, working with a resourceful team and marketing materials (Facebook, Messenger groups and WhatsApp). My duty was also to provide LOGO, leaflets, Roll-up, etc. for the organization. 

January 2014 to jun 2015
FMI / Dundrum, co. Dublin


I was mostly responsible for stock orders and managing inventory levels. Organizing store merchandise racks by size, style and color was a good task for somebody with a creative soul :)


MAY 2021
TEFL / 30 hours Teaching English Online Course

The TEFL Institute of Ireland

January 2020
TEFL / 120 hours of English online course

The TEFL Institute of Ireland

Fall 2009 to spring 2011

University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, PL

FALL 2002 TO SPRING 2006

University of Information Technology and Public Relations, Rzeszow, PL

  • ECDL / Computer literacy CERT
  • TELC / English Language and Literature

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